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Bergenfield, NJ (PRWEB) November 13, 2008 -- 4window.com is the new generation of affordable custom window treatments, draperies, blinds, shades, sliding panels, pillows, fabrics and services that is both budget minded and quality conscious. That systematic plan is designed to help consumers attain Premium Quality window treatments for considerably less, while allowing you to get desired characteristics and style of window treatments from a sample portfolio with all the popular brand designs to fit your unique style. The advantages of this newly developed service is designed to help clients meet their needs in a much quicker time efficient way; friendly online services that offer a free estimate staff that will work side by side with you to guarantee satisfaction.

This website offers measuring and installation guidelines, giving complete confidence in ordering custom drapery, blinds or window shades online; it is very informative and educational for those who are not familiar with the window treatment field www.4window.com offers decorating advice and creative ideas solutions. The impressive 40 page online design ideas catalog contains exquisite pictures and detailed product description, helping you make the right choice when ordering window treatments.

4window.com has worked hard to deliver the products that would give their consumer complete confidence when ordering window treatments online; they offer thousands of colors and textures that can be customized and help you envision each style and color in your home.

4window.com is specially designed to fit anyone's budget, decor and taste. From elegant window fashions to luxurious designs that can really add a special touch to your home and save you a lot in the process. All of this is done with a budget control system, which is specially made for you to calibrate your budget and determine the price range to give you control over your spending.

The high prices that are associated with big name brands are done intentionally to ensure loyalty and dependency from the consumer. Corporate manufacturers and internationally known brands overcharge the consumer for million dollar advertising, factories, large shipments and large staff working for them around the clock to deliver the product to your home. Why overpay for the middle man when you can deal directly with the source. Our vice-president Elena, said, "We've created something for the consumer to not only save big, but help our struggling economy to get back on it's feet...by keeping the money circulating and stimulating our economy.."

4window.com is simple and easy to maneuver, making it an exciting shopping experience. With the just a click of the mouse you have a virtual showroom at your fingertips. The best part from this online survey is that you get to compare prices from similar sources, and make a decision based on your own research and information acquired that should make a clear choice for you. You can browse through many unique searches, decor designs, color options and material components to match your home in that special way in which only you desire.You know what you are getting before you pay anything. It is a personal online shopping experience that will give you an opportunity to really explore your style from many angles and possibilities. Choose your custom window treatment products to fit your style today, by visiting www.4window.com or by calling 888-538-0770.

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