French & Standard Doors

Blinds & shades mounted on doors are outside mount, that is they mount outside the window opening and directly to the door. For products mounted on doors follow the outside mount measuring instructions. In addition when measuring the width remember not to order so wide that the blinds interfere with the doorknob or deadbolt lock. If your door has a lever handle the blinds can slip behind the lever, however products like 2" blinds will not be fully operational unless you have at least 2 1/2" between the lever and the door. Consider products like 1/2" or 1" blinds, cellular or pleated shades for doors with lever handles. Also make sure you request hold-down brackets. The hold-down brackets secure the bottomrail to the door. If your window has raised trim around the glass make sure you request spacers. Spacers are used with the mounting brackets to provide additional room between the mounting surface and the blind. This will bring the blind out away from the door to avoid hitting the raised trim. All products will mount on both wood and metal doors.

Sliding Glass Doors

The most popular treatment for sliding glass doors is vertical blinds. Blinds or shades mounted on sliding glass doors can be either inside or outside mount. When determining the mount type consider whether the handle is an obstruction, if it is then an inside mount probably is not possible. For an outside mount it is normally advisable to add about 4 inches to the width on both sides of the door opening. The wider you specify the better your privacy, insulation, and light control. For the height add about 3 to 6 inches above the top of the door opening, You must add at least enough space to mount the brackets above the window. A very common vertical height is 84".

Corner Windows

Corner windows are where two windows come together at a 90 degree angle in a corner. When outside mount products meet in a corner, or when inside mount products meet in a corner where there is only glass (no sheetrock), there can be a privacy issue due to the gap where the products meet. In order to minimize the problem, consider making one product bypass the other, then specify the other product to butt into the first. (See illustration below.)

Windows with Cranks

Windows with cranks (casement windows) are usually covered with outside mounted treatments. You may consider a crank replacement device. These are available online and some look like wing-nuts while others are simply a crank that folds flat. In addition many cranks can usually be removed or re-positioned to point upwards, which minimizes its projection and obstruction. If you have a non-removable crank that protrudes outside the window opening you will hang the blinds in front of the crank. Consider adding an inch or so to your height to help mitigate the bulge the product will make as it hangs in front of the crank. Spacers can also be used to bring the product a little further away from the wall opening.



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