Sunscreen protects our skin from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Window treatments can do the same for your homes interior. We love light-filled rooms, but UV rays will eventually fade floors, furniture, upholstery, draperies and artwork. Prolonged exposure to sulnlight  causes natural, undyed fabrics to turn yeloow, weakening their fibers and making thgem look old and worn prematurely. The right window covering can be very effective in blocking ultraviolet rays.Such effectiveness is measured in terms of a  %UV blockage rating. The higher the rating the greater the UV protection. To fully minimize the amount of the harmful UV rays from entering the home, choose a product with a 99% uv blockage rating. Select  from products listed below.

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These shades are offered in different weaves with different opacities and UV blockage. UV blockage is rated in %,  The lower the %, the less light comes through and the greater the UV protection.

> 5% solar fabric:
very strong UV protection (blocks 95% of UV rays)

> 10% solar fabric:
strong UV protection (blocks 90% of UV rays)

> 15% solar fabric:
good UV protection (blocks 85% of  UV rays

All Honeycomb/cellular fabrics provide 99% UV protection.









Florentine window shades provide 88% UV blockage with vanes open, and 99% with vanes closed.










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