The outstanding and unique approach to each customer allowed us to see tremendous growth in our company as well as to work with some of the biggest names in the NYC and NJ areas including governmental or non governmental organizations, restaurants, bars, public schools, universities, banks, missions, embassies & etc.

  1. Tribeca Cinemas, NY
  2. CBS Television, New York, NY
  3. Vera Wang, NY
  4. NY Attorney General, New York, NY
  5. NY Parking Authority, New York, NY
  6. Mission Of Luxemburg, NY
  7. Leopoldo Rosatti Architects, NY
  8. US Army, Ford Dix, NJ
  9. Gay Man Health Club, New York, NY
  10. Verizon, New York, NY
  11. MTA , New York, NY
  12. Department Of Transportation, New York, NY
  13. New York City Board Of Education, New York, NY
  14. Fordham University, Bronx, NY
  15. New York University, New York, NY
  16. Mission of Iraqi, New York, NY
  17. Israel Consulate, New York, NY
  18. Permanent Mission of Tunisia, New York, NY
  19. Italian Consulate, New York, NY
  20. First Bank, New York, NY
  21. City Of Jersey City, NJ
  22. Boro of Bogota, Bogota, NJ
  23. Boro Of Teaneck, Teaneck, NJ
  24. And many more 

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